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Formation of profits on the financial and cryptocurrency markets is a complex stochastic (random) process, the results of which depend on both random processes of the exchange rate dynamics of asset prices and random estimates of the future value of those assets.
It's no secret that most traders around the world use various mathematical and statistical models, which, unfortunately, do not always guarantee profit on financial markets.

billie8.cc was founded in 2015 by a team of young scholars from Harvard University. The main mission of our team was to create a unique RTZ.y algorithm, which allows us to reach a 95% probability of coincidence of the estimated value with the actual one.

It is possible to use the RTZ.y algorithm in many areas of science, such as: physics, quantum mechanics, biology, econometrics, ecology, robotics, and many others. Therefore, in 2017, the “RTZ.y draft” algorithm appeared, which consistently predicted more than 80 % of values. However, a 20% gap is a rather large deviation when it comes to predicting exact values.

Due to this fact, the billie8.cc team managed to sign a contract with leading experts in economics and combinatorics who were interested in the discovery of young scientists. As a result of fruitful cooperation, our team managed to get the final version of the RTZ.y algorithm, predicting actual values with a probability of 96.7%!

This discovery enabled our company to enlist the support from large global investment funds and create financial capital of $ 2,500,000, an insurance fund of $ 1,000,000, and a reserve development fund of $ 800,000. Thus, already in 2019, billie8.cc is ready to open its doors to private investors from around the world!

Using our own algorithm allows our company to conduct cost-effective calculations on the stock, currency and cryptocurrency exchanges and consistently pay dividends to our partners on a daily basis!

billie8.cc № 11709147
55 Shelton Street, London,
United Kingdom, WC2H 9HE
The formation of the billie8.cc company is a big step in the development of the modern economy and society as a whole.

The creators of the algorithm and the billie8.cc company are intend to use RTZ.y not only in the financial field, but also in other areas, such as:

  • Medicine
  • Power industry
  • Engineering
  • Natural science
  • Ecology
  • Bioengineering

And also many others, which, undoubtedly, will increase the capitalization of our company, and, as a result, the incomes of our investors!

Do you want to start making money using the unique RTZ.y algorithm?

Advantages of billie8.cc

why investors choose our company
World recognition

Our RTZ.y algorithm is officially patented and recognized in the vast majority of modern developed countries!

Quick payouts

Using the most advanced transaction processing and transaction processing techniques allows our company to process most payments instantly!

Reliable data protection

All servers of the company are protected with the most up-to-date encryption and data storage tools, so you can be sure that your information is safe

A wide range of tariff plans

Statistical studies of our company allowed us to create a wide range of tariff plans, among which you will find the best offer for yourself!

The possibility of active earnings

The company pays additional cash bonuses for each attracted investor

A wide range of payment systems

The company cooperates with the majority of the most popular payment systems, including PM / Payeer systems

Progressive percentage

The company provides the possibility of increasing interest payments on the deposit, depending on the time of participation

Opportunity for career growth

All active partners of the company have a unique opportunity to increase referral bonuses

billie8.cc LTD № 11709147 55 Shelton Street, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9HE